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Minneapolis Movie Bears Mission Vision and Values


The Minneapolis Movie Bears is a social organization catering  to the Gay and Lesbian Community
We are a group of Bears, Cubs and their friends, located in Minneapolis/St Paul Metro Area that gather socially to provide fun, great conversation and a chance to relax, hang out, visit with friends, meet new friends, and expand your social network together.
Our mission is to accommodate the wants and needs of our members and the gay and lesbian community.


The vision of the Minneapolis Movie Bears is to provide an organization that respects and supports the community at large.  This includes fund raising for various GLBT friendly charities and other organizations throughout the metro area.  Our members provide support where support is needed in our community.  
The Minneapolis Movie Bears are committed to offering various events for our members that include movies, game nights, social gatherings, live entertainment as well as other events throughout the community.
Our members enthusiastically support and are dedicated to the Minneapolis Movie Bears’ mission.


It is important to the Minneapolis Movie Bears to work jointly within and outside our community to promote acceptance of the GLBT culture as well as uphold diversity and encourage acceptance of all people.   These values include:

  • Community Spirit
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Social Networking
  • Provide Value
  • Understanding


By promoting these guiding principles, the community as a whole benefits from a more open and accepting society.

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