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Our Movie Bear History

Rick, Eric, JD, Brad, Garrett and Dan started the group July 2005. We started with e-mails going back and forth. Some of the guys were getting tired of the e-mails. Sometimes 10 a day just going around. Rick decided to start a Yahoo Group. This worked out great but after about 9 months, we wanted something more. Rick started looking around and found SFmoviebears. Dave, the webmaster, couldn't have been more helpful in helping us get our own site up and running. It's been fantastic. We doubled our membership in two months. We don't have a lot of organizatinal rules. You look at the movies that we select for the week, vote, and if you're going to eat with the guys before the movie, you just show up. We're here to have fun. The group is a lot of fun and most of us are so different. The one big thing we have in common is we like to see movies. We talk good about them. Sometimes we talk trash about them. It's all there.

July 2007

Well, here we are. We just hit 100 members. We have a great website. And now we have an online store with shirts, caps, mugs and so on. We had 22 people show up for Transformers, we had 26 for Harry Potter and 42 for Hairspray. As we keep growing, we keep looking for different theaters to go to. But, it's hard trying to find many that will do discounts for groups that make it worth going to that particular theater.

April 2008

We just hit 300 members. Who would have thought that would happen? We have now ventured out into live theater with Stomp in June, Wicked in November. We have started a game night every other Thursday. All has been very good events. Our Sunday afternoon movie at Innuendo once a month has been a hit. Our record, 65 for Short Bus. Our game night averages about 30.

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